Kitchen Spraying

kitchen repsraying

At Willow Furnishing we now offer a Kitchen / furniture spraying service.  A lot of our customers who had grown tired of their kitchens were overwhelmed by the price of a new one with Willow Furnishing there is the option to refurbish your existing kitchen at a fraction of the price of a new one.

If the existing kitchen is in reasonable condition there is really no need to fork out for a new one. We have had customers who were willing to throw away Solid Oak or pine doors until they realised the potential of what could be done on a very tight budget.  If you are unsure what material your kitchen is made of please contact us and we can send  one of our team around to check if it can be sprayed. If this is something you would like to discuss with us we are always at the end of the phone providing information and suggestions.

Please find below a list of prices for this service:

Standard Doors 2 sides £35 per door  (a higher charge may be applicable it the door is over 600mm)

Standard Doors 1 side £28 per door

Drawer fronts £15 per drawer.

Removal and refit £25 per visit (this charge is not compulsory as some of our customers have removed and refitted their own doors)

If you require the remaining parts of your kitchen to be painted we would need to book an appointment with one of our professional painters and we will provide a quote for you. Alternatively you can always do this part yourself with advice from us on what products to use.

Please give us a call on 0115 837 5160 to find out what we can do to refresh your kitchen.